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Hi all,

Am trying to pass the Private Pilot checkride and the "crazy lady" is getting on my nerves. Im trying to execute the steep turn and can keep within the tolerance on altitude - and keeping the turn within the 45 and 20 deegree limits and she keeps sending me back to school !!

She is in danger of ruining my Xmas !! Any help on why she doesn't like me ??

Keith Mad

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kick her out at 2000

alchemist81 Guest

Altitude, airspeed, bank, and rolling out on the proper heading are all equally important. I couldn't pass that portion of the checkride without quite a bit of practice on the steep turns.

bobtheflyer Guest

Hi, as a flyer in both the virtual and real worlds, I've just taken my bi-annual flight review to stay current as a pilot. For the first time ever in carrying out steep turns the guy who was my instructor/examiner this year showed me that by using the trim on the aircraft to keep the nose up and set correctly on the horizon during the turn allowed me to concentrate much more on all the other aspects that need your attention... and there are many!
Not too sure how you'll achieve the same effect in flight sim..(I'll experiment and maybe post it later).. as in the Cessna 172R I usually fly, but with the real thing it amounts to approx one and a half complete rolls down (to bring the nose up) of the visible trim wheel. This is applied as soon after you've entered the turn and got it stabalized as you can. Conversely, the trim needs to be reset for level flight as soon after you roll out of the turn as possible too.
Hope this helps in some small way.


Thx guys for your advice - will keep practising !!


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