PC GREMLIN: PC fails to update postings on this site

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Wonder if any of the PC whizzes can help;

I recently upgraded to Broadband (Although I don't think thats connected to the problem), and since then I have the most irritating problem with my PC.

Whenever I access this site and go to the forums they haven't updated since the last time I viewed.... I have to keep selecting each Forum a few times until I get the latest view available to me.

Other problems this causes is that if I place a reply to a Post, when I got back in it's not there...... and again I have to select the Topic a number of times before it seems to refresh.

The last (and worst) part of the problem is that sometines when I type up a reply to a Posting and submit it, I get the "Invalid Session" error message as again, my PC has forgotten what I was replying to ! I have to copy my text and go in 2 or 3 times before it let's me reply !

My friends - this is positively driving me mad !

Anyone know what I can do to fix this ? Although I'm an alround genius, I'm pretty much a Retard when it comes to settings and configurations on computers !

Thanks in advance - now lets see if I get the "Invalid Session" again when I post this!

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It's most likely the browser that you are using. I'll bet my ... that you upgraded to SP2.
The (so called) security fixes that they put in seems to cause problems with older machines.
Set your security just below medium (tools), dump your cookies cache and history.
Actually with broadband you don't need cache and if you never go back in your history you can set it for 1 day.
Come back and see how that works. Now you see why I suggest Firefox for this site, it's a low (poor) security browser.
Hit the refresh button on the browser (or F5), that'll help at times.
No I never loaded SP2.


(That's all a lie, we're tying to get rid of you)

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When ever i try and post a message in here using AOL i get "Invalid Session" Wall Bashing which drives me mad but when I use Firefox and when I'm at work everthing is ok Group Wave

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AOL is a "branded browser" and has many problems of it's own. I'm glad you have had success with Firefox.
Did you upgrade it yet to 1.0.1.


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I belive so a couple of days ago I think Umm...

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Have you hit "F5"? That's the universal "refresh" button in Windows.

BTW, we already knew you're an "all-around genius." 😂


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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Thanks guys, yeah I'm au fait with F5 but it was kind of worse than that.

I think RM has nailed it - I believe I did indeed let MS update me to SP2 the other week and thats when the problems started.

I'll do what you suggested above and see how it goes - it's no showstopper but it's very frustrating.

to be continued ...........

Thanx! 😉

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It is definitely a browser cache issue. As fast as broadband is, it is still good idea (IMHO) to use a browser cache. I have my Mozilla browser cache setting to compare the page in cache to the page on the network "once per session". Leaving my Mozilla's cache amount set at 50MB (default). With those settings I never experience browser problems.

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