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Push Backs


Mad How 'bout with push back you have a car push you back!

😞 How about being able to be a passenger and ride.

🙄 You should have to get off the plane and walk though the airport to get to another flight so you can fly again.[/u]

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Please stop clicking on the "POST" button twice.

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It's a FLIGHT simulator, not an airport operations simulator. 😉


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Hey Guest,

If you get Active Camera you can 'walk' anywhere you want. Sometime I walk around new scenery and take a little stroll around the area and survey the planes. Take a walk around my own jet to make sure all is well and inspected etc. ..No need to get wicked frustrated as I'll bet MS has heard our suggestions on Fly Away concerning many of the things we would like to see in the next release. Word has it that the development team joins most of the big forums to monitor what's going on. 🙂


lol 😂 -"Not an airport operations simulator!" --True.

AA Honolulu Ops.

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michlin wrote:

Please stop clicking on the "POST" button twice.

What do you mean?

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