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[ I am a "new guy on the block" and would like to get some advise on MS2004

I am thinking of buying it but am not too sure about a couple of things
I have 2000Xp with plenty of Ram and hard drive to support Fs2004 but I would like some feed back concernig accessories-ie is a joy stick better or is a yoke better
I do know that some planes --real ones-fly using joysticks and some use yokes and mybe some of you can give me your thoughts concerning what you use and like

Also, it seems that a MS2006 is in the works-- anyone know the status of this--is coming out soon ?

Any help an the above is appreciated---Thanks[/b]

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Welcome aboard new guy!
I have a stick but I'm sure a Yoke is more realistic.

As for 2006, your guess is as good as mine. MS hasn't announced anything about it our guess is by September, usually in the late summer.


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rob (Habu) First Officer

Hey Welcome ! First, I would have to know what your computer specs are. As FS2004 runs poorly on a slower / older system. I now have a P4/3.4 with 1 G Ram and it finally runs satisfactorily. It also ran fine on a 2.53 P4 with 512 Ram. But the Video card is also very important. You need a newer 3-D card with 256MB on-board Ram. You could pick up Flight Sim 98 for a cheap price most places and get your feet wet....also hooked on flying...If you have a slower system. Good Luck and tell the wife goodbye, cuz once you start flying, she'll have to buy a ticket to see you ! rob

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jelami First Officer

heHe Your right Habu

welcome aboard man!!

As far as controls, I started with a stick and finally ended up with CH yoke and pedals. As Radarman said, very realistic.

Are you thinking about general aviation, commercial, antiques? what do you like?

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Hi !

As you can see we're a mult-continental gang here.... Lot's a people from lot's of countries, continents and cultures!

Ok, I, like Jelami also have the CH Yoke and it is fantastic and makes flying very realistic in Airliners and other planes that use a Yoke.... however if you want to fly combat aircraft or planes that use a stick, then stick with a Joystick, as you get faster control surface movement (and hence faster responses).

I use both, I have the CH Yoke bolted at the front of my set-up, and I have the fabulous Saitek Cyborg (only £15 / $20) at the right hand side (as I do a lot of Airbus flying).... this set up is great as it gives me the best of both worlds!

If you go for a 'stick, make sure it has a Throttle control (the bigger the better).

Welcome and enjoy your flying, what ever form it takes.


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horrgakx First Officer

If you have the space go for a yoke, pedals and a seperate throttle attachment. I don't have the space and only use a CH Products Mach3 Joystick.

CH Joystick Products come very highly recommended - they do FS2004 stuff 🙂

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