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😀 I just love the screen shot pages on this site,and my favorites are ones with wing views.
I tend to look at ones with comments added and have noticed that the wing view ones attract more than others
They are all very simular in asking how did you get this shot(one is a paintshop job)

So please spill the beans and tell us.Please,please,please.

Is it only on certain aircraft or can you add it to any aircraft?

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😀 Hi and Happy New Year

It was easy in fs2000, just add a couple of pics (bmp) a little code and that was it,but the aircraft in 2002/2004 are constucted differently and I dont think you can as i have messed about hours trying Mad (i could be wrong and just going at it in the wrong way 🙄 )

A lot of the wing views you see are allready programed in to the aircraft ie the Airbus Twins and the Meljet d/loads are just a few.

However some are not 😉 (ive seen the paint job one)or they are much better with paint shop.

I do know that some bought aircraft had passenger views( 😕 cant remember the name but was a737 😕 )

So if anyone else could shed some light it would be welcome

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