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Hi Y'alll,
Just want to start this topic and if it goes well, maybe Radarman can "pin" it. There isn't much info anywhere on how to set up the video settings for high-end cards. I have a FX5900 Ultra, but just ordered a BFG GeForce 6800 Ultra, which I get tomorrow. I consider myself a advanced PC dude as I repair them on the job, at home, etc, etc. But I am clueless about the correct graphics settings to squeeze out the best graphics/framerates, etc. Do you use the settings in Flight Sim or the card's settings or both? I think my newly built rig is adequate ( P4/3.4; 1 G Corsair Blistix DDR Ram; Asus P4c800E Deluxe mobo), But without the right drivers and settings, I know I'll be missing out. Anyone out there with the info? thnx, rob

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We're close to being in the same boat Habu, I've got the ATI X800XT Platinum.

I have it set up for the most buildings, but that's what i think makes it real.

You can do this to see hwo you like it FEM style
Terrain Mesh Complexity-100
Terrain Texture Size-High
Terrain Detail-Land Only
Water Effects-High
Dawn/Dusk Texture Blending-CHECKED
Extended Terrain Textures-UNCHECKED (This does NO good)
Special Effects Detail-High
Scenery Complexity-Extremely Dense
Autogen Density-Extremely Dense
Lens Flare-CHECKED

In the AIRCRAFT tab

Virtual Cockpit Gauge Quality-High
Aircraft Cast Shadows-UNCHECKED (The shadows on this blow, and eat too many FPS)
Landing Lights-CHECKED

In the WEATHER tab

Sight Distance-150 Miles
Cloud Draw Distance-40 Miles (Looks fine, no sense wasting FPS on clouds you might not see)
3-D Cloud Percentage-100
Cloud Coverage Density-Maximum

In the HARDWARE tab

Max Frame Rate-Unlimited (Awesome to see 150+FPS ain't it!!!)
Resolution-1152x864 (Set this how you want, but I have this equalized to my desktop resolution.


Render to Texture-CHECKED
Transform and Lighting-CHECKED
Anti-Alaising UNCHECKED (Let your video card do this)
Filtering-NONE (Again, let the card do this)
Hardware Rendered Lights-8
Global Max Texture Quality-MASSIVE

There you have it...Welcome to FEM's World.

NOTE: Your results might be different than mine, I force my card to Anti-Alais at 8X, Ansiotropic Filtering at 16X, and stuff liek that, it's all up to the card now! 😎

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Here is my setup Habu:

P4 3.0E Prescott 800 fsb.
Asus P4P800
1024 pc 3200 mem.
BFG GF 6600 GT.

My settings in the game are similar but slightly lower than FEM's..although not much..
I too leave AA off in the game settings and have my video card at 4X anti-aliasing.

I cap my frames at 29 FPS in hardware settings. The sim runs very smooth at that so anything above goes beyond what I can see.

I'm running the version drivers, I haven't made up my mind whether to put the latest ones in... If it ain't broke......

To say that your system is adequate is stretching modesty .... ROFL

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[iThnx guys ! I already run my settings pretty close to you both, but I am talking more the card driver settings. So far, it seems best to leave the Flight Sim's AA off ? I want to fly tomorrow right before installing the new card, then right after. Not sure what to expect, as I am reasonably happy with the FX 5900 now. I ordered this card after reading a review on Tom's hardware the other night. I'll let you know, rob [/i]

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I'm betting the 6800 GT will be a big cut above the 5900...let us know.. 😀

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