Timezones in Microsoft Flight Simulator?

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I’m wondering, when I place an aircraft at Heathrow (London) airport and check the time, the local time is equal to GMT/UTC, as expected.
Moving the aircraft to Changi (Singapore) airport the difference is +6 hours, not +8 as expected.
Moving the aircraft to Hong Kong airport the difference is +7, not +8 as expected.

Can someone explain to me why this is happening?
I checked the time zone offset in Windows Time Zones and both Singapore and Hong Kong is GMT/UTC +8. I also searched the web and found same result, so I wonder why the offset in flight simulator is different!

Is this a bug? (I doubt) -or did I misunderstand something about time zones?


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Wile E Coyote Guest

I know what you mean and you are right. The time zones are really diffrent from what you see in other sites. I'm a pilot myself and I've learned about it. I don't know the real reason but I can think of two:

I don't know which country you are from, but in my country we change the clock twice a year. Once in summer and once in winter. Maybe the time zones that you looked on were depended on this kind of setting, and not the aviation kind.

There are places that divide the zones according to coordinates (longitude lines), and other places divide them with other system (it's hard to explain).

Anyway, you shouldn't concern about it. Play only according to the data in the simulator.

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