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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Hey all,

A question about VAs - Does anyone know of any VAs where the flying is done OFF-LINE.... (yeah I know it means a lot of trust!)... ??

My FS setup is all off-line so up to now I've not been able to join or try out any VAs, as those I've looked at are all on-line using Vatsim, etc.

I currently fly real-life schedules for a selection of Airlines around the world (currently on Delta) but I'd like to look more at VAs..

Cheers for any help,


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I am Human Resources Director is a good one
Both need NO online functionality

Guest FEM Guest

That said, skynet is down for a while...something is wrong with it, but it's gonna be kickass when it's back. Mainly because I am on the staff, but whatever... 😎

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

Haha, I'll reccomend UVA (united), which downloads real schedules nearly monthly. They're pretty realistic, since many of the senior pilots used to actually be United pilots.

But like skynet, UVA's site is currently down (server problems), and won't be up for about a week or so. When the image in my signature shows up again, that means the site is restored =).

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Ah cool - thanks for those guys..... and you can fly off-line with 'em ?


Will check those out - oh no, if I join Skynet, FEM will be my boss ! Embarassed

Nobleair it is then ! 😉

What I really want to do is set up my own but I guess you need a lot of time to run it, so will try out one of these.... will let you know who I sign up for !

Cheers fellas. 😂

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

To the guest that mentioned Delta VA above, are you sure the flying can be done off-line, as I went to application form and it is asking for IVAO and VATSIM registration numbers ?????

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Yes you can fly offline, I am a member, though I don't really fly with them now, and I havn't done a minute online, but have completed about 28 offline, by filing a PIREP.

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Cool - thanks Jolegg......

One last question for you on this Jolegg - if I join them, can I fly my own Aircraft, or do I have to fly the freeware ones that they give out ?

(I want to fly the Wilco CRJ, that comes with a tasty Delta livery!).

Thanks for your help on this. 😉

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

They assign you to an aircraft say the MD88 and after ten logged flights you can switch aircraft. Not sure whether the CRJ is in the aircraft fleet though. I'll have a look for you now 😀

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Thanks mate - appreciate that.

I just signed up,so I'll give them a try.... I just completed the Quuestionnaire, I was expecting it to be a lot more challenging... the questions were things like "what instrument tells you high fast you are climbing or descending?".....

So just waiting to get assigned onto a Type!

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

I had a look and they have the CRJ 200 and CRJ 700 in their fleet. So, yes it is possible to fly your verions of these aircraft. The questions at the beginning are quite simple, but then they get tricky for Captain exams etc, like knowing missed approach procedures for airports etc. It is a lot of fun though, hope you enjoy it! 😀

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Thanks for checking that out - much appreciated !

I just put my first couple of posts into the Water Cooler forum..... It's strange being a noobie over there !

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Cool, have you been assigned to an aircraft group yet?

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Martin (Blake14) First Officer

is that the delta VA you are talking about?
It sounds like a lot more fun than the one Im in.
I'm with the cpa virtual, which is a group of airlines.
Hearing what you say about delta VA ( well, actually reading) I should probably go sign up over there.

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

Hey now, It's not a bad thing for me to be your boss, all I do is make sure stuff gets done...

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Ok well firstly thanks to everyone for your help and advice on VAs - It's not an area I had looked at before so the help was very useful.

I narrowed it down to either Delta Virtual Airlines or United VA. Now as tempting as it was to join my buddy Original Grunge over at United, I opted for Delta in the end.

I submitted my application and promptly received my inital pilots assessment. I submitted this and was told I'd get my official Type Assignment within 24 hours, which I did (but we'll come to that in a mo).

The guys on the forum are really helpful and very welcoming - it's not a VA to consider if you want a casual bit fun as the management of the VA take it seriously and try to simulate all aspects of running an Airline.

According to your performance in the Assessment you are assigned to either a Type 1, Type 2, or Type 3 Aircraft.....

Examples of Type 1 are:-
ATR72, Dash 8, CRJ200, Embraer 120, etc, etc

Type 2 are things like:-
B737, A320, MD-88, CRJ700 / 900, etc, etc

Type 3 is things like:-
B757 / B767, A310, A330, MD-11, etc

Type 4 is the real big boys:-
A340, B747

I dipped in and out of the forum throughout the day while waiting to see what my assignment would be, most of the new pilots were getting assigned to B737 and MD-88 programmes (I was hoping I wouldn't get the MD-88 as I don't have any good add-ons for that aircraft!)...

Anyhoo, the guys on the site are really helpful and welcome you.. They are more than happy to answer your Newbie VA question !

So I got my assignment (to the Delta Hub in Boston, MA), and I was quite surprised to be assigned to the 757 / 767 fleet - I must have done better on the entrance exam than I thought.....

Once you are assigned, you get access to the Pilot Centre - now this IS impressive... very impressive. You get access to loads of real life schedules, tons of reading material and Operating Manuals for all of the aircraft in the fleet, you get access to some charts and stuff for the airports and you get access to your PIREP (Pilot Reports) database where you post a report of each FS flight that you complete for the Airline.

You can fly on-line using VATSIM or IVAO but the majority fly off line using their own high quality add-ons, and submitting a PIREP to be credited with the hours and type flying.

Sure, you could cheat but whats the point ? It's a simulation within the Virtual World so there aren't many real benefits to cheating - unless you're desperate to have a Avatar that states you're a Chief Pilot .... (I'm not really in it for that).

What I like best is the access to all the real-life schedules and AOMs - they really do have an awesome library. There is flexibility over how you get your flying assignments - I'm using the Random Generator that gives me real life routes, times, flight numbers, according to my hub (Bos) and my equipment.

And the great news is, I can fly the Level D 767 for my Delta career ! Yeeha 😂

Promotion at Delta VA is not based on hours flown - they have a comprehensive deck of examinations, assessments (and the ability to submit videos of test flights). You need to complete tests on each equipment type in order to get promoted.... I can cope with First Officer for a while, but I ain't carrying the Captains bag up the steps Evil or Very Mad

So there you go - for others that weren't sure what it's all about, theres a summary..... Looks like real fun and certainly worth a go!

Now here's the important bit 😉

David Rogers
First Officer
B757 / 767 Fleet
Boston Hub
Delta VA


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Jon Van Duyn (JVD) Captain

😀 I fly for Virtual Air Canada [not Air Canada Virtual] but both are good.

I've tried out many Va's but so far this one is by far the best.I tried Delta VA, wrote a few tests and eventually became the captain of a CRJ. I didn't realy like Delta Va because it didn't have what i wanted.

Virtual Air Canada has Promotional Videos[don't have to download them], they reply quickly, you get a choice of four hubs [Vancouver,Toronto etc..], their website is updated often, there are training facilities, there will soon be add-on scenery but you have to be member, every time the real Air Canada puts an aircraft out of service [e.g Air Canada stopped using 737's the other day] so does the Virtual Air Canada, they give you real time 3D maps of their destinations, you have to file pireps [flight scheduling and flight dispatches], You start on small aircraft and after a few hours of flying you will be promoted to a larger aircraft or to a captain and of course you may definatley fly online or offline.

Here are the two websites

My Va:

They are both very good.

posted by JVD

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain


These both look good and another friend has been also raving about VAC - I think I will have to try them out at some stage as I do a lot of (non VA) flying in Canada as it is.

(and Delta don't have a huge amount of schedules to Canada so missing it!).....

So will take a closer look when I'm ready to jump Airlines.

Thanks, 😉

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

I used to fly for DVA, and I too was in the 757/67 program, but I opted out of it eventually.

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

I remember when you flew for Delta, FEM, you were flying for them when I first arrived on flyaway, some time ago !

I do think they are great - very friendly and easy going, and I like the fact that theres no pressure to fly on-line, as that's not possible for me me right now due to my "Flight Deck" (FS set-up) being on the 3rd floor at our house (Internet connection can't reach up there without great expense!)....

So for now, VA flying for me needs to be off-line.

But within the Airline I fly out of Boston Hub and the routes are a little limited on the 767 (in fact only really just BOS - ATL or BOS - BERMUDA), so I got myself additional ratings in the B737-900 and CRJ to do some flying elsewhere.

I love Canada (for real) and so like to do a lot of FS flying there, so I feel a pull towards VA Canada.... as they are also chilled, and allow PIREP filing and flying off-line.


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