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look at this pic....what kind of demented pilot, (please do not be offended) would rotate that'd think he'd be a little patient to get up there.

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PH First Officer

Couple of things to consider:
1 This picture could have been rotated in "paintshop!"
2 If you are light in order to maintain V2 + 10/20 you may need to be at a fairly high angle on departure.

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Zach (ranald) Captain

those poor passengers Crying or Very sad

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nicam Trainee

if that pic is not a fake then thats way too steep the plane will stall

BashDaBish Guest

It's also possible the camera could of been at an angle rather than being horizontal?

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The 330 is a very powerful ac. Don't think by looking at the photo you can say it will stall, in the right conditions you could quite easily achieve this angle....try it in the sim! if you have no 330 try it with a less powerful ac like the 737, set the temp to no more than 15* C and make the fuel 10% for example, payload nil. Climb at 120-130kts it will be rather steep.

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tomthetank Chief Captain

I would say the photo has been cut and cropped for effect

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

I would have said that it looks like more than 45 degrees pitch up it even possible Surprised

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Matthew Shope (mypilot) Chief Captain

nicam wrote:

if that pic is not a fake then thats way too steep the plane will stall

It will lesson the attitude when it is high enough. Shocked

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Zach (ranald) Captain

I seen a video of a air malta a320 do a fly by and than climb with that steep an angle.

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Rolling Eyes

1. PH said it well...those of you not aware of Digital Photo-Editing Proggies like Paintshop or Photoshop, I suggest you use the Internet to research the incredible advances made in photography and editing BEFORE you hit the 'POST REPLY' button.

2. (Adding to the above) I suggest you stay away from such Magazines as MAXIM, STUFF, FHM, etc. before you appear on Dr. Phil and complain that you're ALL ALONE Embarassed and WITHOUT a WOMAN Crying or Very sad in your life because no girl YOU'VE EVER MET Rolling Eyes looks as good as the girls in the aforementioned magazines you have piling up in your bathroom... Wink Spare yourself the humility.

3. The Addage: USE THIS <pointing at head>, BEFORE you USE THIS <pointing at mouth> also applies to BB, Blogs, and Forums on the internet...only substitute the <pointing at mouth> with <the KEYBOARD> !

4. BashDaBish makes a good point...Camera Angle could make a big difference.

5. (in short) Physics dictates it is possible to stall an aircraft at ANY SPEED, ANY ANGLE...(Mother Nature, God, and Human Factor all have a big hand in this).

6. PH's rebuttle point is very valid...DO WE KNOW ANY OF THE FACTORS HE MENTIONED as they relate to the photo? NO = (Refer back point #3)

7. mypilot as well, has a good point. The Attitude and Altitude all do some serious changing as an aircraft completes various stages in its climb execution. Again (Refer back to point #5).

8. In Real World Aviation (if you don't know this or haven't taken the time out to learn this just because Microsoft Flight Simulator didn't tell you) we pilots have to abide by particular Air Laws and Regulatory Standards that,(surprise, surprise - change from country to country, airspace to airspace AND Shocked are a little too complex and comprehensive to include in Flight Simulator). Some of which may very well surprise you if you've never flown a real plane.

9. Question my above point? (I'm not going to do your homework for you, but...) Take a guess how long you'd be employed with an airline if you decided to do a nice, gentle, high throttle, medium angle take-off out of Paris (either major airport that supports A330's), and you didn't do it QUIET ENOUGH. Confused Paris has a multitude of sound sensors measuring exactly how loud an aircraft is, at what point in its flight, from which neighborhood the sound level is excessive, ALL digitally formatted to recognize Engine Manufacturers tones/frequencies...BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. The RESULT for contravening or breaking these laws? Let's just say, YOUR bank account ISN'T BIG ENOUGH (even though maybe your LOVE OF MS FLIGHT SIMULATOR) is, to deal with the infraction.

10. For those who don't get the above point...Ever heard of IROC? This is NOT your buddie's rusted, yellow, needs-a-new-muffler, stinks-like-dog-hair, my-owner-thinks-he's-bad-to-the-bone, 1980-Something Chevy Camero. Where ROC = Rate Of Climb, IROC = INITIAL RATE OF CLIMB. Just Cuz an aircraft happens to Rotate at a particular angle of Ascent, does not mean it shall stay at said angle. BASICALLY; THE STEEP ANGLE YOU SEE (WHICH, YOU DONT EVEN KNOW THE MEASURE OF FOR A FACT) MAY HAVE BEEN NECESSITATED FOR REASONS UNBEKNOWNST TO YOUR LIMITED FLIGHT SIMULATOR KNOWLEDGE Exclamation


Laughing Thank-you...I feel better now.



PS - Blue Sky's, I'm gonna take a nap now Wink

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George (OrlandoGeorge) First Officer

This re-telling is 100% true on my personal honor and as a member in good standing of the Fly Away community! Smile

Here goes. One time when I was stationed at KAUS (Austin, Texas. U.S.) with Delta my friend from the Southwest ramp came over late one night and said.."Come here George, you have got to see this!" Course I went over to the Southwest ramp and stood there w/him when a Southwest 737 came rolling down the runway for takeoff and pulled up to about 25 degrees pitch, climbed out for 8-10 seconds and then banked fast and quick pitching even more while turning out into the night sky. --I said, to the dude, "Holy S&*^!" He then said, yeah, the captain told us he was going to do that.

Turns out this A/C was empty and the crew was ferrying back to Houston for the night. --The plane in question had just brought passengers into AUS because there was an AOG mech issue at another airport. This A/C was sent to get them from somewhere and then was returning to HOU w/dark cabin. --Let's just say I never ever saw it again and was happy to have seen it once.


P.S. -Hey C-GENX, you workin' on getting yourself banned from these forums or what? Confused -I am sure you are a good guy so maybe lighten up a bit if possible Question Question Question Smile

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