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Would it be better to make a partiton on my hard drive and install FS2004 on seperately from the rest of my system.
if so how big should i make the partition and would this improve the game in any way.

I have a 160gb Hard Drive and about 20GB of addons

any help or advice greatly appreciated 🙂

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I have two partitions on my machine and run FS2004 on the 2nd one. I will tell you the reasons I do it and you can make your own mind up.

1. I originally filled up my first partition and ended up filling it with allsorts of games, add ons etc. I found the game getting worse as it struggled for virtual memory (swap space).
2. I now install my fave games on my second partition so there is plenty of room for swap space.
3. In the event of a system crash (XP) and reformat, I lose no gaming files. This is simply because I only need to reformat the 1st partition. I would need to reinstall the games again but have the luxury of having access to all the save games, add ons etc.
4. Defragging is much easier and quicker. No system files causing problems.

If you do decide to add a 2nd partition then split the drive with as much as you can manage. I have a 120gb drive split into 50% each. Just as long as you have enough on both partitions then there really is no ideal size.

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thats a great help, many thanks....i have now split my hard drive 60-40 👍

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