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can someone please describe the easiest way to setup an approach/land a plane? i can do the landing solo flight lesson under studnet pilot, but in a regular flight i have no idea what im doing. i try to do the vor approach lesson but its very confusing to me right now. im sure if i keep trying ill understand it eventually, but is there any simpler way to line up with a runway?for vor i dont understand how you coordinate the radio signals with lining up with the runway.

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ok thanks. ILS looks easy enough if i use autopilot, but ive read some posts and it seems like not all airports have ILS approaches. how do i know which does and doesnt?

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Most large airports will have ILS(not all)
Use the fs map feature to check out the airport that you are going to(zoom in and click on the airport for all details)

Or add ILS to any airport with Afcad2

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Yup, I also had some trouble and problems landing today. I did have to go around multiple times (see map view below) and make three attempts! Third time was the charm. Even then I still had to wrest the issue away from the auto-pilot in order to make her set down in an orderly fashion. Not with a squeak of the tires/tyres today! More like an almighty ((thump!))) 😕 Embarassed ..Oh well, so much for the orderly fashion comment. 😕 -If I have learned anything at all from this program it is that it is all about practice-practice-practice. 😉 🙂 --I will fly the same route later on this eve and try 'er again! 🙂

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okay, i tried ILS but it didnt work out. firstly i never got clearance to land. i was going from Midway to O'Hare, but ohare never gave me clearance. in fact atc directed me sort of away from ohare and when i went that direction i would get the midway departure atc. so what am i doing wrong?

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Try this tutorial. 🙂

I ripped this post from another forum so you could read it here. the credit should go to christoperpostill at because this info does not come from me.

ILS BASICS: With the ILS, you find the ILS frequency (from the map view) for the runway you wish to land on. You then put that frequency into the NAV1 radio, and press the ID or enable button below (make sure its in the primary not secondary location). When approaching the airport you will hear beeps. When you are cleared on the approach, press the APP button on the panel to turn the Approach button on which will enable the ILS. You also want flight director on, and if in an airliner, a good speed is 150KTS... Flaps 25... altitude 2,000 as set in AP. Altitude hold will disable automatically and you will descend on the glideslope (press B to set your altimeter). Adjust flaps and spoilers as needed bearing in mind you are on the verge of stalling without large amounts of flap. When you touch down, immediatly disable the autopilot and deploy your spoilers and then turn on full reverse thrust and brake as needed (or before landing set your autobrake to "2") -- Thats an ILS landing for you.

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omfg, i did it. i finally landed with ILS, but i didnt have clearance. so that leads me to ask how to get clearance. sometimes when i try to land atc tells me to fly some heading completely away from the airport. is that normal? also what is flight director and how do you turn it on? i dont know whether i had it on when i did an ILS landing.

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yeah its normal that they send you away from the airport first. Just follow their instructions and handoffs, trust them they will have you intercept the localiser at about 10-20 miles from the end of the runway of choice so unless you are approaching from the same direction that the landing runway is pointing they will send you out away the airport first to get you to that point.

Trust them as long as you follow all their instructions and handoffs they get you there even if it looks like an odd route.

(the one exceptions is that on go-arounds they sometimes forget you).

Just be thankfull that in the sim they don't put you in a stack.

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Something that i do with approaches is some airports have NDB's at the end of the ILS so i fly right to the NDB the turn to the runway heading.

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FS2000 came with a great manual..In fact the procedures and plates are as actual as you can get. Of course, its mainly VOR and ILS.

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