i am having a problem with gauages for some down loads

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I have down loaded some planes for my fltsim 2004 but the problem is that some of the planes do not have any guaeges the panels are there ok but the gauages are all black and not filled , what can I do ??

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Matthew Shope (mypilot) Chief Captain

Did you get a guages file also with your panel and Model and textures?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Two things.
1- Check out the read-me, it may tell you to put the contents of the gauge folder into the main gauge folder.
2-If you have an NVIDIA card you will have to change drivers, for some reason a few of the drivers cause that.

Let us know how you do.


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Matthew Shope (mypilot) Chief Captain

Many times I have gotten files with Gauges and Panel. Whenever that happens I drag all the guages into the panel file. That is what works for me.

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amermel First Officer

did you put the gauges and panels in the panels folder

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