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Adjusting Video Card settings?

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How do I adjust the settings of my video card? I have a NVidia GeForce 4000x 125MB

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Jon Van Duyn (JVD) Captain


I have a 3D prophet 9000 series pro. But I know how to adjust my settings and maybe it will work for you.

1: go to your desktop [the screen your PC starts up with].

2: right click

3: click on properties

4: look for settings then click on it

5: there should be a button that says "advanced" click on that.

6: once you are there go to "troubleshoot"

7: There will be a little slider that you can drag left or right to increase or decrease your hardware [video] acceleration.

I increased my hardware acceleration by draging my slider to the right fully. It worked for me and someone else but it may not work for you.

posted by JVD

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