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Hi folks, mates

Are you supposed to have the charts for all the runways for your destination airport since ATC have the 4 aces and can ask you to land on any of them. Was just thinking about this an decided to ask.

I guess the answer is yes, but just need to confirm

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sorry I meant approach plates

Don Wood Guest

In the real world, yes.

In FS9, it's not necessary. Once you get approach instructions from ATC, you can go to the map function, highlight the airport in question, and get ILS and other radio frequencies. If you have one chart for that airport, you can see approximate altitudes for the other approaches and, as long as you have the correct ILS frequency, you should have no trouble making the approach.

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Matthew Shope (mypilot) Chief Captain

My dad was a pilot so I use his old charts. But alot of things have changed since 1975. 😂

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