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I have tried twice to send a picture to screen shots and it never showed up. Now it is not the fanciest pic in the world but it is no sillier than some others that are in the gallery. Is there some magic to getting a picture in there?

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You & me both 😞 There are guidelines for having it admitted (size, format, etc) but I've seen those rules broken many times and those pictures still get it. I've never been able to find out who actually does it on this website.....

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Ok, here's the guidelines,

Size, as in Resolution (800x600, 1152x864) and whatnot do NOT matter!

Keep the name small, like Shot02 or something along those lines.
No spaces or other crap

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sonicninja First Officer

make sure they are jpeg format too, i was making that mistake but as soon as i sent them as jpegs i got them published 😂

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