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Hello pilots! I only have a tiny little question.
For example, the flight number of an aircraft is AF 123. Do the controllers and pilots call the aircraft Air France 123? I don't know if I'm clear enough.
Another example:
"Air France 123, you are clear to land on runway 21L." Is the '123' the flight number of the aircraft?

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yes, if you have a flight number listed, they will use it. Otherwise they will use an abbreviation of your tail number.

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There are exceptions but generally, commercial flights are identified by the flight number assigned by the airline and non-commercial flights are identified by their registration number or "N" number. In the US, that number is assigned by FAA but personalized registration numbers may be requested.

These comments apply only to US civil aviation. Military flights are identified in a myriad of ways and I have no idea of the practices outside the US. FAA also assigns some special purpose flight identities, some of which are used always and some of which are only used when the aircraft is engaged in the special purpose missions. These include medical airlift, law enforcement, firefighting, search and rescue, blood or body part transport, and others. Guest

another thing to also remember is that most of, If not all of them generally use the flight number assigned by the airline.

however, If you have traffic tools you can create your own routes and assign weather you wish to use the flight or reg no.

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Ok, thank you! I think I got it now...I hope so.

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John F. Kennedy Jr. requested the letters 'JFK' in his N number and he went into the sea. Rule of thumb, stick w/ what the FAA mandates! 😎

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