having a myriad of problems with 2004

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I have a few problems. maybe you can help. First of all, the trees poorly shaped... look like two pieces of cardboard placed like an "x" through eachother...

Also, the ATC screen is blue, not a nice see through color like in 2002.

The game is running EXTREMELY slow... like when I close the GPS...there is a good delay. my system is 800Mhz. Dont' think that's the problem.

The puffs of smoke, so realistic in 2002, are now just rectangles shooting off from under the wheel.

I have problems with earlier aircraft flow affecting current aircraft... for instance... i flew the wright flyer first... then flew the new DC3...and the DC3 steered like the wright flyer... maybe a bit better.

on the DC and the FORD, the wheel that steers is not moving. I have to use the brakes to steer.

Probably the most problematic for me, because it actually has made me crash once is when I am looking externally at the plane, There are a series of black rectangles starting small next to my plane and resing to the sun.. so large that the southwest corner of the world is BLACK... and No, it's not getting darker as in the sun is going down... there is litterally a huge black rectangles in the sky. If I fly out of meigs, take a right and head back into the airport, I the whole screen goes black as I face these black triangles of death. lol.

Any ideas?? anyone??

LIike I said.. I'm running 128 mb of ram, 800 Mhz. pentium III well beyound the system reqs. my video card is a SB 4.0.

Is anyone else having ANY of these problems?????


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response to myself... Guest

All the graphics are turned up max.. .I have messed with just about everything display wise...

one more response.. Guest

one more thing...
the black rectangles in the sky is with the external view AND the normal view... coming from the southwest...

and ONE MORE thing Guest

LOL... ok for real.. last post...
that's 512 MB or ram.. not 128... sheesh.. it's late

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It sound like the video card to me and the SB 4.0 that you list isn't familiar. Could that be your sound card?
Video cards can be the cause of many problems in FS9.

correction Guest

I have an NVidia 64 Mb GeForce2 Ultra..

like i said.. it was

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Yep, the grapics card would seem to be part of your problem

How old is your machine?

And as for minimum specs i think they use a bare system ie nothing else on the machine except the nessesary and i allways add to what they recomend

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Your machine is getting old so don't spend too much on a new card. I have an ATI also.
If you need the current prices on the ATI cards you can see them here.

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[quote="RadarMan"]Your machine is getting old so don't spend too much on a new card.

😳 That hurt...................but its true

I wonder if hes got up yet?

netzrafi Guest

I have a secondary PCI video card with 8mb and with that card I have similar (triangles) problem. The card you described is not so bad if it is not defected. I have an 800MHZ sys with an older video card and some times with minimized setup getting 30-33 FPS. I suggest test your card with one of the known test sys. before spending $. one of the possibilities is on XP: start->run>dxdiag->ok->display tab and then you by yourself.

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