Memory Issue - Game crashes in a long flight.

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Has anyone experienced a FS2004 system crash while running for a long flight. When I say long flight, i mean leaving it run overnight on autopilot.

It comes up with two messages, one saying memory is low and the other is a low hard drive space. cannot write to disk.

I have 75 gigs free HDD
I have allowed the system to automatically set virtual memory.
1024mb RAM
Athlon 64
Radeon 9550

Any ideas? 😕

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Here is MS's cure, if it doesn't work try mine.
Good luck with it.;en-us;892610

You may be overheating. The only way to find out is to take the side off your case and run it one night. If you have a desk fan that can be aimed at the open computer, do it. This is not to be done all the time, you are not regulating the air flow with the side off. If it doesn't crash then you'll have to install a fan in the rear and possibly in front.


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I would try adjusting virtual memory first. There are a number of high performance computer makers that use this page file size scenario.

Set your initial page file size to 1.5 times your installed memory, or 1536MB. And your maximum page file size to 3 time your memory, or 3072MB. Of course you need sufficient HDD space



For best performance, you need to make your page file so large that the operating system never needs to expand it, that the commit charge (virtual memory requested) is never larger then the commit limit (virtual memory available). In other words, your virtual memory must be more abundant than the OS will request (soooo obvious, isn't it). This will be known as your initial minimum.

Then, for good measure you need to leave expansion available to about three times this initial minimum. Thus the OS will be able to keep you working in case your needs grow, i.e.: you start using some of those very sophisticated programs that get written more and more every day, or you create more user accounts, (user accounts invoke page file for fast user switching), or for whatever, there is no penalty leaving expansion enabled.

NOW YOU HAVE THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. A page file that is static, because you have made the initial minimum so large the OS will never need to expand it, and, expansion enabled just in case you are wrong in your evaluation of what kind of power user you are or become.

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