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I am kinda new to FS9, and was thinking of joining a VA. But I have some questions. First, I am not the worlds greatest Pilot, but I can fly, Second, I can't afford to pay a fee just to fly a Plane, so I am kinda looking for a free one, and third if there is a good one, will they let me fly where I want. I live about 2 Hrs south of Portland Int(KPDX), but i want to do the Northwest, and flights to Alaska as well as San Francisco(KSFO). anyone know of any, or should I just make my own? and If i need to make my own I need a painter that willing to do freebies, and thank you for any input

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

There are very few virtual airlines that charge for their uses. I find that flying with VA's really improves the quality of your flying, its regularity in your schedule, and your sense of community and purpose in flying.

I use UVA (United Virtual Airlines). They are a superb airline that currently uses most (not all yet) of United's real world schedules, and even has some former UA pilots flying with them. I've grown in leaps and bounds with them, and found that their flight reservation and filing is very easy. Like most airlines you start flying small regional jets (yes anywhere you'd like, but usually based from a HUB), and then pass checkrides to move up in equipment rating. As you fly more hours, your rank within that rating moves up as well.

You'll find that many of the VA's reccomend on-line flying as part of flying for them. Although UVA does reccomend it, I fly very few of my flights on-line, but it does add to the level of realism. But I'll let whatever VA you sign up for explain the wonders of VATSIM and the person-operated air traffic controlers.

Starting your own virtual airline is tough however, since it takes far more hours than one person usually has. It also can take a while before a professional atmosphere is achieved. Tried and true airlines like UVA, AAV (american), UPS, Delta generally offer that atmosphere right away.

By the way, this is hardly UVA in all it's glory! Our server went down two weeks ago, so what you're seeing is less than a fraction of what it used to be. If you're patient enough to wait a week or two you could see it up and running again, fully restored from our backups!

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Thanks for the info. grudge. I am new to FS2004 myself and learning more about Instrument Approaches and the like (I am a Pilot major in real life, but only at the end of my Private Pilot's License). At the moment I've been flying the Learjet a lot.

So do you think I should go ahead and file for a job as a Regional Pilot for a VA now? While I fly the Learjet I have also been going over ATP stuff and learning the Boeing Flights/Approaches.

Also, how does the VA usually work, as in, what all do they make you do? Like have VATSIM, online flying, do you have to actually fly the real route the real airline does whenever your scheduled?

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

Well, different virtual airlines have different demands for different pilots. At UVA, you're required to fly one flight per month, and for a new pilot one in the first 2 weeks. You aren't assigned a route to fly, so you simply request a flight from the schedule using the automated system and reserve a plane to use for the flight. For most of the HUBs, you can download the real-world flight plans that United uses, but it's absolutly not necessary to use. If you'd like you can fly from Miami to San Fransisco via canada! (However, you are offered "points" or a pay scale, so you will lose points for a late arrival).

As far as VATSIM flying, it is encouraged but not necessary. You file a flight plan including the SID (standard-instrument-departures) and STARs (standard arrivals), and then follow with a real ATC the whole way. It is pretty intense, since now you're expected to know far more than you would flying off line! I'm still easing myself into this.

You would enjoy the setup at UVA. There you start with very small regional jets to let you learn the ropes. As you take the checkrides for all of the different planes, you really learn to be well aquaninted with your aircraft and procedures by the time you're flying set routes.

Goodluck with whatever you choose!

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Thanks again grudge. Now I have to learn how to do VOR intercepts to gear up for a checkride.

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I'm in a VA that is totally free,we have 49 aircraft to choose from and an awards program for your accomplishments...all we ask is that you HAVE FUN. I'm with and am recruiting for our Boston hub come check us out and see what all we offer from our other hubs as well. come join the fun

Ryan F. Guest

Ryan here from Global Star Virtual Airlines. We're based out of Chicago, but we do have daily service to Portland (KPDX), Seattle (KSEA), and Anchorage (PANC). If you're interested go to:


Nolanair operate a fleet of Embraer ERJ-145's on short and medium haul flights out of San Fransisco Intl. If you would like to download and fly this plane, or become a pilot with nolanair, just email

If you have more than 10 hours with another VA, you could automatically be accepted as a Commercial Captain with nolanair! Just apply today.

We are a free Virtual airline that is open to both novices and experienced flight simulator pilots alike!

We are currently seeking microsoft flight simulator virtual pilots to come and join our ranks. Even if you've just started playing, you are guarenteed a position with our airline!!!
We are also seeking people for managerial positions within the airline, including technical staff and directors.
So if you would like to become a pilot with the aviation world's newest airline, just send an email to and include:
- Your full name
- Country of residence
- previous VA experience (remember you dont need to have any!!)

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