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❓ Where can I get a download manger and how does it help?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

A download manager will resume your download if its interrupted. They are mostly used by dial-up users because the broadband user gets it in only a few minutes instead of hours.

A few of my friends used to use this one and liked it very much.


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A download manager is a tool that will help you with d/loads in a couple of ways,it will d/load from more than one location at the same time and if you loose your conection,it should resume from where you left off

I cant recommend any but have a look here ➡

Have a look at the reviews to help you

And always virus check your d/loads before opening them

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Thanks for all the info but got to go and prepare for a Tsunami my Island may be hit if one pops up on the chart.Chiz

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