Which is the oldest version of FS that has a glider in it?

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I'm starting my sailplane(glider) license training and want to supplement my real airtime with some FS practice. I know FS 2002 has a glider, but my graphics subsystem is extremely marginal for FS 2002.
I have a built-into-the-motherboard video "card" (Intel(r) 82810E Graphics Controller [Display adapter]) which uses (I'm99% certain) shared RAM. That is, it takes, if I understand right, what RAM it needs out of the main RAM (which is 512MB on my machine).

My graphic system apparently (from the research did) would probably handel FS 2000 OK if not spectacularly.

Which version of FS is the first one that has the glider?

What are the most significant advantages of FS 2002 over 2000 to someone who's just going to fly the glider?
Does 2000 have the simulation of radio contact with ground control?

I'm very new to this group -- and not sure if I'll be notified if you reply -- so if you'd be kind enought to copy your reply to my emai ( I'd appreciate that.

All help appreciated.


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