Which is the oldest version of FS that has a glider in it?

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I'm starting my sailplane(glider) license training and want to supplement my real airtime with some FS practice. I know FS 2002 has a glider, but my graphics subsystem is extremely marginal for FS 2002.
I have a built-into-the-motherboard video "card" (Intel(r) 82810E Graphics Controller [Display adapter]) which uses (I'm99% certain) shared RAM. That is, it takes, if I understand right, what RAM it needs out of the main RAM (which is 512MB on my machine).

My graphic system apparently (from the research did) would probably handel FS 2000 OK if not spectacularly.

Which version of FS is the first one that has the glider?

What are the most significant advantages of FS 2002 over 2000 to someone who's just going to fly the glider?
Does 2000 have the simulation of radio contact with ground control?

I'm very new to this group -- and not sure if I'll be notified if you reply -- so if you'd be kind enought to copy your reply to my emai ( I'd appreciate that.

All help appreciated.

P.S., Sorry about the cross/double posting. I more-or-less-accidentally posted a message idential to this in the hardware subsection before I saw this General section.

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You didn't say what your CPU was. With 512mb ram (shared) and a good CPU the later the sim you run the more realistic it will be.

If all you are interested in is gliding and not scenery you can turn down some of the sliders below default and get the most out of your machine.


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I started with flightsimulator 5, I believe... It had a Cessna, Learjet, Sopwith Camel and the Sweizer sailplane.... thats the oldest version I know that had a sailplane.... Umm...

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I confirm there was a Schweizer 2-32 in FS for windows 95 (FS 5.1).
The advantages of FS 2002 over FS 2000 are huge. In FS2000, there was no ATC, and the graphics asked a very powerful PC. FS2000 was very, very bugged. FS2002, though, is wonderful. If FS2002 can run on your PC, it's 200x better.
There is another sim on the market called x-plane. I have never seen it but I have heard that it simulates thermics, which FS does not. If you fly a glider, this might be an advantage 🙂

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As a glider pilot, I must say that Microsoft FS and x-plane are terrible at their glider simulations. The 2-32 DOES NOT FLY like it does in the simluator. For the speed of your computer, you just might have to get by with them, but there are other progams out there that are much better. For example, the Soaring Flight Simulator and the beta version of Silent Wings. Google either one to find their websites. Silent Wings is a VERY nice simulator, and very realisitic, although if you want to take full advantage of it, you need a good video card. Both simluate thermals and ridge lift (unlike xplane and FS...even if they claim they sucks)

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