How do you Put a new fuselage on the Lear 45

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Bob Omstead (omstead) Trainee

I like the looks and sound of the Embraer, but prefer the performance characteristics of the MS Lear 45. How can I lay the Embraer image on top of the Lear flight specs, or the other way around - plug the Lear flight specs into the Embraer?

Are the instructions on this web site somewhere?


- Bob

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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

Not possible - unless you are an expert in editing/compiling mdl files and even then I don't think you can produce hybrids.
You can certainly use the Embraer sounds with a sound alias.
It is possible to alter some of the a/c specs in the aircraft.cfg file but that is always a hazardous job and needs expert knowledge again.
But I will await contradiction of my opinion.

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