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Installation guide for a newbie ;) ? (not meaning crafts)

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I'm totally new to Flight Sim Embarassed

After Installing the original game what should I install next (not meaning crafts and scenery), a FS9 patch from microsoft website ?,
any must-have patches ? must-have utilities ? (sorry it's the second post I make about it, though this one's a little different 😂 )

What I mean :

What to do when I install the main game ?
Is there some basic utilities config that everyone has, maybe flightplans or sth. ?

I just don't know, Total Newbie

You will help, won't you 😉 ?

Hehe Thanks in advance ! ! !

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Install the patch but follow it closely step by step.
Then you can (If you wish) load the no-cd crack 9.1 so you don't have to have disk #4 in your drive.
After that you can load anything you like, make sure it's for 2004.
This should help with the loading of aircraft.

If you want to see traffic at the airports and in the skies you can use (free).

Or buy (I did) Ultimate Traffic.

I also have USA Roads, it makes the scenery almost real.

I'm sure that many of our members will be more than willing to suggest other add-ons.

Don't add more than one item at a time so if something is wrong you know where it is.

It would be very helpful if you listed your complete computer specs, make sure the video card is there.

Good luck!


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