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Hello again from the 308th!

308th_Awesome Guest

Hello from the 56th Virtual Squadron! We are currently looking for members as we expand our numbers further; we currently have over 20 members. We have several flights within our squadrons, the 310th and the 309th, both combined, and the 308th Virtual Squadron. We offer bomber (gunners and bombadiers will be chosen), fighter, and fighter/bomber pilots. Right now the need for bomber crews and pilots is very high. We also offer Night Fighting. We also have Training Officers that will train all new pilots to determine their skills and to see who needs additional training. As you can see from our designations, we are USAAF squadrons; we fly RAF aircraft as well, however, but we do not fly Luftwaffe aircraft. We have official flights approximately once a week, and fly amongst ourselves as often as we wish.

We hope you will try us out!
Recruitment Officer
308th Virtual Squadron

P.S., I am sorry if the links do not work, our hosts are not very reliable, but we are working on fixing this.

Anticept Guest

You should leave a contact e-mail. I want to fill a bomber pilot position (56k makes any other position terrible, and piloting is so relaxing 🙂 )

ibmicheal Guest

want to be part of bomber crew have experience

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