ATC Improvements for FS 2006

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I completely agree with everyone. Mostly I would like the audio for ATC and the Pilots to be changed. The same monotone ATC voice and regular Pilot voices are very bland. Its like I'm talking to a computer. If Flight Simulator is supposed to be As Real As it Gets, then I think they should make the ATC and pilot voices more realistic. Obviously we want more planes and helicopters. I think it differes from person but another thing I'd like to see is a more dynamic cockpit. I would like to see "pilots hands" on the yoke, departure, enroute procedures on the yoke (ifr flight) and please install the garmin 1000... 😀

Another major thing I would like is for the taxi way signs to be more clear and larger. I have to most of the time rely on progressive taxi instructions at a Class B airport. Comon folks, that isnt 2 realistic. Controllers would freak out basically if you ask them for progressive taxi at class B. Im sure Ill think of other stuff but for now I would love to see these upgrades!

I prob wont check this topic again so plz email me!

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FYI, there is already a stick for this 🙂

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