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I don't get it

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OK, so i got the PMSG 737NG and the planes cool and stuff but the FMC is really confusing. So i go and put all of my info in the FMC, like the speed, altitude, where im going. But when i go to activate it i cant. so can someone please tell me how to activate the flight plan after i enter all of the data.

Because i read all of the readme's and i did what it said by hitting the exicute button but nothin happens. SMEONE PLEASE HELP

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

After entering the flight plan you need to hit the "activate" button on the screen (I think its LSK-R6 or something like that) before you hit the "exec" button. The activate confirms with the FMC that this is the route you want, and Exec transfers it over to the map display.

The FMC will take a lot of cursing and frustration before you get it under your belt, but it will soon become your best friend!

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You will have a better understanding of the FMC if you have a look at the manuel first, there is a step by step instruction of how to use the FMC. And I also agree, will become your best friend.

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