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karbonk Guest

I paid my sub fee with PayPal about 45hrs(or so) ago. I have e-mailled accounts and have not gotten any response. Who or what should I doooo? The 5 bucks wont break me but ....I sure would like to get access! Please point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Keep emailing accounts untill you get access
I dont think they are there 24/7,but Im sure they check email often

Welcome.....................nearly 😉

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Greg (FL050) First Officer

Yeah, don't worry man, it will come.

Mostly everyone here has had to wait a while to get their account activated.

airmedic01 Guest

😕 how long does it take to get the account activated like the guy who asked the same question I keep checking for that email but no joy Please can any one tell me for certian how long they take to get there act togehter.


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RadarMan Chief Captain

At times the e-mail they send goes into your deleted or junk folder, it happens to me with the newsletter. Check that out.
If not write to them often at , Attention Flyaway.

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