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Additional Harddrive

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I have just bought a western digital raptor wd74 to use exclusevely for fs9.
Do I have to load the Saitek X52 on the same disk, Your help would be very
much appreciated.
All the Best.
Rex Rolling Eyes

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Not with Windows XP(and I dont think you do with of luck Rolling Eyes )

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I am sorry, but I find it silly to believe that FS9 belongs on a seperate hard drive. If that were the case, considering all of the intensive pieces of software I have, I would have to have 25 or so hard drives. and then of course, I would be wondering why everyone else could run it without loading it as an exclusive software. What are you gaining, nanoseconds? I doubt it, having to spin up a new drive.
If you are experiencing problems and your system exceeds expectations, then reformat your drive, reload your OS, and your apps, you have serious problems. I mean you may see it in FS9, but the problems exist throughout your system.
I do have a second hard drive, but it is a mirror of my "C" drive, that I back up once a week. If by chance, I experience a hardware failure, or download a virus/worm/etc, I can simply change my boot sequence by hitting <DEL> on startup.
Now that's efficient use of a second hard drive.

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Hi again.
Thank you both for your coments.
To mike, The only problem I get is flickering scenary,but I beleve this will be fixed after a session with Micheal Greenblatt. The reson for the add disc was that it was recomended to me.I have only been into computers 9 months,so I need to rely on information I get from others.
All the best

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