HELP: Scenery Rendering Delays.

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Well I took the plunge and bought the Radeon X800 256Mb Graphics Card and installed it.

I can't criticise the card, it has positively improved the resolution, colour and Frame Rates...... but it has not helped to improve the reason that I bought it Twisted Evil

I'm very lucky in that I have always had good Frame Rates.... I know these can be the bane of people's life but I've always been lucky and had good frame rates (mainly on account of having a lot of RAM).


- That annoying "lock-up" when looking out of the window from the 2D cockpit, where the scenery FREEZES for a second or two before displaying.

- Those awful brown 'boxes' or "holes in the scenery" that appear for a second or two before the full scenery renders

..... I have a Pentium 4, 3.0Ghz with 1024Mb RAM and a new Radeon X800 256Mb Graphics Card..... on paper, everything should be wonderful in my FS world..... but it isn't !

These delays in the scenery rendering are as bad now, with the above spec, as they were when I had much lower RAM, and a lower powered Graphics Card.

SO I WAS WONDERING ..............

Can anyone help with any suggested settings that might apply to this particular problem. I have been playing with Anti-Alias etc but this hasn't helped this particular problem.

I also reduced my screen resolution back down to 1024 x 786 (it had increased to 1280 x 1024 when I put the new Graphics Card in), and surprisingly this didn't help either.

So... as always I leave it to the masters... the oracles that have helped a 100 times before and who never tire of helping technophobes like me to get the best FS flying they can !

THANKS..... Crying or Very sad 😂

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Should run sweet with that set up

OK,have you run the directX diag tool? (click start/run,type dxdiag,click run)
Go straight to the display tab and check that everything is enabled...Direct draw,3D acceleration and AGP acceleration
Also run the tests,just in case

BIOS.........check the AGP setting in there(if you have already set it to 256,try it at 128,or vice versa then start up fs9 and see if its any better)

Try them 1st

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Take the memory stick with it's packaging that you can't use to a small computer store and sell it to them. Then put some $ to it and get the same as you have.
You'll find with 2 gig and that card the scenery will render faster.
In the control panel of ATI set it at AA-4x and AF-16x and make sure the AA box is UNchecked in the settings of the sim.


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Netz Rafi (Rafi) First Officer

I would suggest to see if the source of your problem is not coming from your hard drive

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Thanks guys - I'll try each and every one of these.

TTT - You may be onto something, as I have never looked at the BIOS settings or dxdiag yet.... wow, would be great if that helped, I might even have to bring a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale down to Wales for you !

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain


I think we are on to something big here - I went into the BIOS settings and AGP was indeed set on 128Mb instead of 256Mb, so I'm thinking that's sure to make a bit of a differance!

Also, RadarMan, I the AA and AF settings on the ATI were a bit off, so they are now set correctly, and checked OFF in the Sim.

Next the DXDIAG, this was all fine and the tests were all normal.

Rafi - I looked at the Hard Drive and realised that it's approximately 8 months since I defrag'd the Hard Drive.... It's defrag'ing as I write this (on a different PC) and judging by the analysis and time it's taking I think it has some serious defrag'ing to do.

So between the 3 of you geniuses (or is that Geni?), I think we are on to some key things here, and I'm pretty optimistic.



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tomthetank Chief Captain

😀 Fingers crossed

Mmmm a bottle of the finest brown ale.................................. 🍻

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Let us know the good news soon!


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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

The PC has taken 1 hour 20 mins and is only 44% through the defragging....

.... I'm taking this as a good sign as it must have been in a real fragmented mess!

So at the moment, I'm losing my "Friday night slot" of flight simming but I think this is going to be a few hours of good investment.

The settings are all corrected and with this de-frag, I reckon I may just be in for a pleasant surprise.

Thanks again for the leads - top job.

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tomthetank Chief Captain

A tidy hardrive is a good hardrive 🙄

Defrag every couple of weeks .........................It gets quicker

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Michael_H First Officer

I'll throw in my 2 cents worth GPS.

as for the AGP aperture size in the BIOS, actually the more video memory on your card, the smaller the AGP aperture could be.

the standard is usually 128 mb aperture size for video cards with 64 to 256 mb of video RAM.

setting it higher to a 256 mb aperture size won't hurt anything, but won't give you an increase in performance.

Setting it too small could adversly affect performance if you have a weak low end video card that would be likely to run out of memory and need to use system memory (RAM)

As to your hard drive taking a long time to defrag, check to make sure you have 25% or so free space or the defrag program won't have enough room to move files around on a heavily fragmented drive, consequently taking forever to complete.

If you want to try a different defragger look at Diskeeper Lite: free, better, and faster than the Windows XP version.

My system is 3.0 gig P4 with 1024 mb PC3200 memory, GF 6600 GT..

very smooth, high quality imagery, good frame rates, BUT, I still get that one or two second delay rendering airplane textures (especially the PMDG 737) and some scenery.. It's much more noticeable with the airplanes than with the scenery though...Good Luck... 🍻

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Just thought of something else,Fraps may work once youve finished

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

OH - MY - WORD ! ! ! !

Ok, I don't know which part of the TTT / RM / Rafi Fix list was the biggest factor but my problems are OVER !

The scenery is rendering instantly when I look out of the window in the 2D cockpit which is what I've been striving for for a long time !

But that's not all - something has happened with the colours and they look absolutely stunning, and not to mention that all of a sudden the clouds look so good you could reach out and touch them.

It is as if the new Video Card had somehow been dorment when I first used it - and now the beast has woken up !

I have just flown the Wilco CRJ (a frame rate hungry plane) out of KBOS (detailed scenery) and got 24 FPS while taxi'ing on the ground (used to get 9 around 9 FPS here), and soon after take-off (but still in a very built up area), I got 41 FPS.....

The entire FS world looks different with this card.... more real... I've now been able to turn up some settings and it's still performing well.

I turned up the "Draw Distance" and "Cloud Draw Distance" and now the view looks more real as you can see the detail going on for a much further distance.


I can't thank TTT, Radar Man and Rafi enough for their prompt replies that helped me nail this one...... as always, this site is the best !

Have a great weekend all.

A very happy GPS Kid. 😎

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Netz Rafi (Rafi) First Officer

Time for defamation is very much depend on what is disk size. If U have partitions the time would be shorter. U have a huge memory but even so some times U have to use some paging memory and it could be nice if u paging (some kind add memory on the hard disc account) would be not on the same disk where is the simulator working (not same partition)

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Group Wave Group Wave Group Wave Group Wave

Ermm... I hope it was a bottle each 🍻

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RadarMan Chief Captain

👍 Now I'm happy, that took a while, keep that machine defraged!


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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Thanks Rafi - I will look at the paging memory next, that may help even more.

TTT - The Newcy Brown Ale is in the post, addressed to :-

The Big Field,
Next to the Sheep,

Sorry, even I'm getting tired of my Welsh Sheep jokes 🙄

I'm due down in Newport in the next couple of months (visiting Sis) so will drop it off 😉

Radar Man - as always you are THE legend !

Ok, I better go now, this is like an awards ceremony and I'm getting a little emotional right now !


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Sydney Starkey (SID_STAR) Trainee

Just stumbled in on this one.

My card is a Radeon 9200 Pro (Pro meaning you may expect it to work). I had strange problems with it until I found a "Haze Fix" someone had posted somewhere and I got Omega replacement drivers to get rid of strange lighting effects. That worked fine and now I tried that AGP adjiustment suggested in this topic and it has nicely improved fps, even with weather
set heavy.

(Thanks everydobby)

Sydney Starkey

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