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On behalf of the members of the United States Virtual Air Forces, we're happy to welcome you to our web site. We hope you enjoy your visit, and perhaps decide to join what is quickly becoming the premiere virtual military flight simulation organization on the Internet.

We determined in January of 2005 that a need existed for a military based virtual flight simulation that was two things…first, entertaining…and second, able to cater to all of the varied interests as well as the various needs and constraints of its members. We believe we've accomplished this goal of being all things for all people while maintaining the enjoyment of military flight simulation.

We practice the principle of 'rigid flexibility' here. The USVAF is structured with a command group, specified units, training/evaluation/promotion/recognition programs, and organized scheduled mission tasking. That's the rigid part. We also allow our members to choose their desired branch of interest, be it Air Force, Navy, Marine, Army, or Coast Guard, as well as their preferred aircraft. Members have their option to fully participate in our flight and training programs, or fly occasionally as a member of our Air Guard component. All members are free to fly aircraft and missions outside of their chosen branch/unit as they wish. We'll even have an Air Traffic Control program available for both pilots and non-flying members who want to explore controlling military air traffic, both standard and tactical. This is our flexibility.

Take a few minutes and explore the organizations established here, review the many forum postings from our members, and look at the pages of information we've created. We're pretty sure you'll find something of interest to you. Whether you want to become a member of one of our squadrons, experience the thrill of flying a specific aircraft/mission, and rising through the ranks; or you are someone who just enjoys flying a military aircraft in a military environment once in a while, we'll be able to accommodate you.

We have two dedicated flightsim and teamspeak servers running 24/7

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