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I have been reading some other posts...And i was wondering, what is a defragger?? (I think it has something to do with your hard drive... 😕 )
well, reply soon...because if a defragger cleans your Hard Drive, I NEED ONE!!

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A defragger is a simple utility that puts back together every folder on your hard drive. When you install stuff on your PC, informations are rarely placed together. Defragging your HD should give you more place and better performance.
However, you should wait for somebody else's answer to make sure i'm correct because I don't want to be responsible for an hypotetical problem you could have 😉

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I took this from the link below.

Defrag: A process (run by a defragging program) whereby parts of data files on all segments of a computer hard disk are taken from their fragmented state (with parts of files spread all over the disk), and grouped together in complete-file segments. This makes it quicker for applications to find the files they need and frees up disk space, making the computer run more efficiently.

I scandisk and defrag every weekend.
If you are interested, go to start/programs/accessories/system tools/ and they should both be there.

I do it a different way but It would be difficult to explain, in the end they are the same.

If you've never done it it'll take hours, after doing it for a few weeks, 1 month it will take less time.


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Windows has its own defrag tool,but Michael_H provides a link to a better,and quicker version ➡

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If I may give a personal opinion of Diskeeper.
I used it for quite a while and it did a great job but it kept starting during a program causing crashes (CTD) and an annoying grinding.
I deleted it and went back to MS's lame but workable default one.

Just my opinion.


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