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Hello Everyone,
It's been a while but as some of you know, I finally got a new computer, and I'm back in the sky. Now back to the questions eh? Well, as far as I've heard, most aircraft taxi with one engine. How is that possible. The aircraft keeps veering off to one side, and I cant alter the rudder to go straight, because it has to be very precise, and the whole rudder setting would change as I turn from taxiway to taxiway...any ideas..?

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

I havn't heard that about aircraft, especially not for airlines. Most of them require all engines to be on from pushback to parking. The only time I can think of when that may come up is if an engine fails on take off and you need to reject, or if you've lost an engine mid flight.

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

Hell no, of ALL the aircraft I know, only ONE can taxi single-engined. That's the MD-88. It's got a high power:weight Ratio, and the engines are so close to it's center that you won't notice a ton of pull one way or another.

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Insight Chief Captain

I assume your not referring to military aircraft.

I saw a Hercules C130 that taxi'd out on 1 engine at a show

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

Nope. I never include military aircraft in anything I talk about. They don't interest me all that much, and I don't know that much about them. They do look cool though.

But yeah, those planes are freaks, they can do just about anything 😛

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Greg (FL050) First Officer

Of the airlines that I have been in recent months, they all taxi with one engine. It was on Delta flights by the way.

I didn't know the reason either, but I was wondering why.

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

What type of aircraft?

I know that unless they have an extremely low fuel weight, nearly all of them can't. Besides, as i've said, the MD-88.

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jelami First Officer

Of course Delta would do it that way.
D on't
E ven
L eave
T he
A irport

I thought most jets used external power for start up?

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

I am with FEM, unless its of the MD-80 series, the engines are too far apart for that to be effective. They do start them one at a time on pushback, but they do keep them on for taxi. Heavy planes, (mostly the 757) is said to have square wheels and take A LOT of power to get rolling.

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

Jelami, i like the DELTA abbreviations you used! 😂

Unfortunately, besides the Heino plane i have, all i have for a good fleet is the delta jets.

Oh well, soon chris102 shall teach me to repaint (He still doesn't know that yet)

and i'll start a Heino and Rammstein like of aircrafts!

Rick Lee Guest


I'm with you on that. My suspicion is that Chris has all kinds of tricks up his sleeve : The typical quiet achiever!
Radarman already asked Chris for support regarding painting so, let's ALL
get together and pester that genius until he can't stand it any longer and write a brandnew tutorial for the rest of us mere mortals.

Regards, Rick

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Rick, That's a fantastic idea. I would like a step by step (start with step one) on the painting of an aircraft.
Don't take anything for granted, we are all unknowledgeable beginners.

Chris you could be a star! davec could even join if you and he like, he's the first one here to start and be successful.

I'll even talk to Flyaway about a repaint forum, I wouldn't before I hear from you if you have the time and patience.


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Martin (Blake14) First Officer

that'd be a great idea! 😀

Rick Lee Guest

Thanks Radarman, thanks Blake for your support.

Wait a minute - can you hear it too ❓
No? Hush! Now try and strain your ears - ah now you can hear it too ➡

The deafening sound of silence from the Chris-quarters.

What can a man do? Well, I'll be going to do me some sulking now. Bye..
😞 Rick

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horrgakx First Officer

Yeh, I've been on a good number of passenger jets and have never known one to taxi on less than all its' engines. Some of them use the APU to start the engines, the latest EasyJet flight I was on started them up just after we'd pushed back.

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Chris102 Chief Captain

Hi everyone - I'm back 😀

I wasn't online all weekend due to an illness. I contacted Radarman regarding the repainting, and I'd be more than happy to teach repainting.

Get your paint brushes and buckets ready!
Chris 🍻

Rick Lee Guest

Hi Chris,

good to hear you're back in one piece - hope it wasn't something to serious.
Rest is always good I've heard. Rest, plenty of delicious food and being pampered by at least one loved one.

Though many are eagerly awaiting your help with repainting, I don't think anybody would want you not to be perfectly healthy numero uno!

Look after yourself and speedy recovery 😀



Most airlines do taxi with one engine. Its to save fuel. All planes are capable of it; most pilots ride the brakes throughout the entire taxi when they have both engines on.

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