Music for my video Clip

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Hi Everyone and Happy New Year to you all.

Just a small post to ask what music you all think would suit my new video I made..

Thank you 😉

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thefatcontroler Guest

😀 Hi

Nice clip but.........Easyjet fly from Bristol & Bmi from Cardiff(plus others but no Ej)

Now then why are you taxing with the reversers open?and what sort of take off was that?

One last thing.switch the afterburners off on take off (on a 737????????)Nought to 160knts in seconds You could hurt someone like that(more likley the engines woul fall off)

Apart from that its a nice clip

On a serious note whats your system......Now that seems to be Gooooooooooodddddddd

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tomthetank Chief Captain

😳 It was a rough takeoff and perhaps you could slow the speed of the video down.

But i think Idea You were just showing us how the suspension works.

Nice looking model that

Oh and your little box of tricks does seem good

As for music you need something a bit frantic at the moment.Slow the vid down and lets have something relaxing

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yellow Trainee

I have one question, How did you get your frame rates so good? mine runs on average about 7 fps 😞 . and inorder to do that i have to turn the settings way down. Any tips ❓

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yellow Trainee

p.s, Good clip.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

That is very impressive, I like it.
Are you working on anything in GMAX, yep I still have that hang-up. My guess, my video card.

Your music, try "Theme from the High and the Mighty", an aircraft movie, or try "Appalachian Spring, rodeo by Aaron Copland".
You cab go to "Amazon" and listen to a small cut from the album.

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ricco Trainee

Hi Peeeeps

Thanks for your comments about my video. I have not read the flight book yet so sorry about the minor errors I made on take off etc.

I have tried to capture the quality effects that are in this game just as you all noticed. Im sure anyone who is looking at buying FS9 will have no second thoughts after seeing these videos. 😉

Welsh Wizard is composing a nice guitar piece with your idea's in mind

As for music you need something a bit frantic at the moment.

As for "my little box of tricks" It does the trick 😎

Once again thank you for the comments


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ricco Trainee

Updates due!



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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

Being the heavy jet guy that I am, I feel obligated to ask/point out a few things.

1. On taxi, it appears that you've deployed reverse thrust, nearly the whole time.

Check that, throughout the whole movie it looks like that, maybe i'ts the model of the aircraft.

2. Watch your speed during takeoff, that way you won't bang the gear rotating too slow/

3. It looks like you've deployed the spoilers during the flight??? ❓

4. Avoid steep dives during approach

5. Flaps help you out: F6 and F7 per speed restrictions.

6. Flare gently, only need about 3 degrees pitch up. If nessesary, fly the flight in the cockpit, then record the video with the replay.

7. Easy on the brakes, tap the . key instead of holding the trigger.

This will help you out to look professional in future videos.

What program do you use to record that?

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Chris102 Chief Captain

Excellent video!

What are your computer specs?

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