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hi i just in stalled a ati readeon 9600 and my onboard sound stop working
when i take out the card the sound the onboard sound is cmedia i bought a new sound card and it still does not work

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😕 Im not sure what's going on here Dont Know

You say your onboard sound is not working and youve bought a new sound card 😕

1st if you have added a sound card(pci ?)then you may need to go in to the BIOS and make sure it is set to use one or the other(onboard or pci)

Make sure you load any drivers for the sound card

Check in your control panel for Sounds and Audio Devices and make sure its set to your sound card

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Probably U have some kind of IRQ conflict. At control Panel /System/device manager/sound and video controls sea if there is no yellow or red color. See if the card not disabled. See if the properties of the card says the card is working properly. About the IRQ setting U can have some information in Start/All Programs/accessories/system tools/ system information/IRQ. Here u can see more…
I don’t know if what I am writing U will give U good filling but I have the same card and the same onboard audio device and I have no problem and the second fact that once some thing like that happened to me and after all I had to go to comp‘ store and they fixit right away. Any how I not recommending to try to work with 2 devices and U have to disable one of them on the device manager. If U did not yet do it now by disabling the on board sound device. Another place to learn about the situation is on the Start/Run write dxdiag and then OK OK again and than see what is going on on the sound tab. Good lack and please respond what is going on

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