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I'm using FS2002 and I've been trying to fly from Heathrow to Orly (it comes with this flight). It says that as I am approaching the destination Airport I will be assigned vectors... I never am assigned any vectors and whenever I fly a plane I find that the airport that I need to land on its alyways to the left of where I actually am. In anyways... what are vectors and how do I get them assigned, etc. Thanx.

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ATC does not assign you vectors to line you up with the runway (a vector being a course that has direction and speed). ATC does however assign you vectors towards the airport in that general direction, it is then up to you to capture the glideslope for an ILS approach or any other kind of approach.

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ok... I guess I have to read more... I just started playing this game recwently... can you tell me briefly what glideslope is? Thanx

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

O...K. Yeh I suggest a lot of reading to do.

Firstly I'd master a type of aircraft so you can fly proficiently with it, this will make the approach slightly easier, preferably a small aircraft.
The glideslope is part of the ILS (Instrument Landing System). The ILS is an accurate system that aircaft use to land the plane in any visibility. It consists of two beacons that radiate from the runway threshold in the direction of the approaching aircraft. One beacon controls horizontal guidance and the other controls vertical guidance. Using these two beams and aircraft can land. The beams that these two beacons produce and thus that the aircraft descend on is called the glideslope. When a plane draws close to an airport it can tune to the ILS frequency and watch the glideslope indicator on the HSI (Horizontal Situation Indicator) to descend. That is it in a nutshell.

The explanation above is veeeeery poop so if you do not understand by that then do not be put off!!!!

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ok thanx. i think i understand but how do I turn on to ILS Frequency.

I have read the ILS approach lesson but I haven't fully understoad it.

I noticed that a rectangle appears (and it can move to the left or right, etc. on the indicator) when you that the runway?

Also what is squwak?

thanx in advance to whoever replies.

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Look at the map. Next to the runways, there should be an ILS beam (green feather). Double click the runway and you will get the ILS frequency for given runways. Make sure you are landing on the right runway with the right frequency!! Tune it into NAV1 and turn the NAV1 button on so it is lit at the bottom of the panel. You will then hear the identifier.

The triangles are there to keep you centered and at the right altitude for the approach. Move to wherever the indicator is, i.e. if the triangle or rectangle is lower than the centre then move lower by decreasing power or pitch.

Squawk is the code that ATC use to tell where you are for traffic spacing etc. For VFR use 1200 so you appear on the radar screens at ATC. It simple allows ATC to track you wherever you are on their radar. Clever huh?

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Well I've been trying but no luck. I get the message from the ATC Clear to land... runway 25. I click on runway 25 but nothing happens?? I switch to Nav 1 ... click again on Runway 25 nothing happesns.

I've tried it a few times and I know I am clicking on the right runway but what am I nit doing?

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Follow this for an ILS approach and you cannot go wrong!

1. ATC should give you a long clearance for an approach when you are roughly 30-50 miles away from them. Note this is for IFR so you obviously need to be tuned into ATC etc and the airport you are landing at.

2. Go to the map and double click on a runway that has a green feather pointing in the direction of the approach. (If you do not see any ILS feathers, then make sure you have selected them at the top of the map). Once you have double clicked on the runway, a list will appear, with the frequencies for COMM (i.e. clearance, ground, tower etc) and NAV (i.e. ILS approach frequencies) as well as ILS headings and the elevation of the airport. You will be given a runway to land on in point one when they give you clearance. Find the ILS frequency next to that number. For example, ATC tells you to land on runway 9L at EGLL, so on the map you find the ILS frequency (110.30). Also find the ILS heading and remember that as well as the frequency.

3. Open up the radio stack and type this into NAV1 and make sure it is in the primary position, meaning it is on the left as opposed to the right of the two dials. This can be done by pressing the <---> button in the middle of them. At the bottom of the radio stack, there should be a row of clickable buttons, namely COM1, COM2, BOTH, NAV1, NAV2, ADF, DME etc. Click the NAV1 button as to illuminate the light. Then type the ILS heading into the course indicator probably on the AP panel. This means that the ILS is now set up, and you should begin to hear the Morse code identifier.

4. Now, once you approach the airport you must switch the toggle button of GPS/NAV to NAV. This is the only way the ILS will work, so make sure you have done this. Switching this toggle will enable the ILS to work, but will disable the GPS waypoints navigation. So if you are using AP then switch from one form (GPS) to the other form of navigation (NAV).
5. As you get closer to the airport, you will now be hearing the ILS Morse code identifier and you should be roughly on course, according to the HSI (but only if you have remembered to type the ILS course into the course selector). You will soon enter the glideslope pattern where you will need to slow down considerable to stay on it, about 180 MAXIMUM in a jet.

6. On the attitude indicator on the right and bottom side or similarly on the HSI, white indicator lines shall appear, with a pink triangle on both the vertical and horizontal set of lines. The big line in the middle is the centre of the approach and is the correct glideslope. If you are too high, the triangle on the vertical axis will be below the middle line and vice versa. If you are too far to the left, the line will appear to the right of the middle bigger line, indicating that you should turn to the right until it centers. To put it simply, fly towards the lines as to centre them.

7. Once you are roughly on approach and have been given permission to land you can use the autopilot. If you do not want to, then just carry on using the method above of centering the plane yourself and reducing speed and flaps etc. If however you do want to use autopilot then click the APP button, making sure the HDG button has disengaged itself and the toggle switch is on NAV. Deactivate the whole AP system at 500 feet. I hope this helps. Do not forget to lower speed in the approach and lower flaps and auto brakes/spoilers etc.

Hope that helps, sorry its soooo long but still, follow it and you cannot really go wrong.

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No worry its long.... actually thank you for taking the time to write it.... I will try it right now hopefully it will work... Are you a pilot?

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Well... I tried it but but when I click on the feathers nothing happens. Should a new window appear with the list or do I need to click on something else to see that list?

I tried it a second time with a different route but my ATC froze actually but the good thing is I was almost going to land but came in too short of the runway and I guess just put my passengers right in their homes 🙂 skipping the whole airport rutines.

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Nah I'm not a pilot, would be nice but no 😞

You need to double click on the runway, not the feathers, this will bring up the new window with frequencies on. Keep practicing, it is the only way!Don't give up and let us know how you get on. 😀

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nope, still not working.....

When I look on the map I see all the airports and all the green feathers, etc..... once I request full stop landing and I get clearance, ..... well i've double clicked and double clicked on thew runway and so on nothing happens.

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