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Jon Van Duyn (JVD) Captain

Air Mauritius is desperatley looking for pilots at this point in time.Infact they are so desperate that they are taking 737 pilots and putting them on the A340 staight away. Their pay is OK , you get good allowances, free tickets and you get to live on a ropical island.I'm just saying if you have any jet experience what so ever I recommend applying for this job.

Sorry if this wasn't to do with the Flight Sim.

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JVD - What a co-incidence, I just flew home today from London (I fly there once a week with work), and I picked up 'Flight International' magazine and there's an advert in the back for Pilot's for Air Mauritius.

It stated that a valid Type Rating would be preferable but it also invited applications from current Pilots who have other ratings, for cross-training.

Virgin Nigeria was also in advertising for A340 and A320 pilots to launch the new Virgin airline, based in Lagos, Nigeria.

If I was a ATPL, I would definately consider flying for Air Mauritius for a while !

I bet the views flying a visual into Port Louis in an A340 are beautiful.

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Jon Van Duyn (JVD) Captain

Yah it is quit a beautiful approach flying over Port Louis but as I say it's easy to get in [e.g. one pilot phoned and asked can he come for an interview and imeddiatley they said yes ,another did his interview over the phone while rest just sent their CVs by email and all got the reply that they could come for an interview.].

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