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alzar Trainee

does any one know where to find a carrier in fs2004???

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rob (Habu) First Officer

Hi Alzar, TO from San Fran on runway 28L and it's just about straight out in the Bay with Golden Gate Bridge to left...hard to miss ! rob

flying peter Guest

it is cool. u can even fly a heli strait into the hold and land it there.

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Fly Away Simulation (Flyaway) Site Admin

You sure can. That carrier has been there for a while, I recall it also being in FS98!

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dazzathedrummer Trainee

Yep there right its definately there!!!! Only problem I had was when I tried to land my tomcat on it, it was like the deck wasn't there and I went straight through and hit the ocean 😕 WHATS UP WITH THAT? Are there any other carriers out there without that problem? Is it just me that has this problem? Should I really quit my job and become a singer on the Island of Zante? Antone with any pearls of wisdom out there that can help me?

Jeff. Guest

you have to have the damage setting on in the realism settings to land on carriers, buildings, pigs, etc. And yes, you should be a singer.

-Jeff. Twisted Evil

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Feed this " carrier" or ""into the 2004 scenery at the search in the file library (top left) and you can download a huge carrier.

Feed that zip into every search window, bad engine there.

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dazzathedrummer Trainee

Thanks Radarman for the carrier link, and thanks Jeff for the advice both flight related and career related. I have decided to become a singer and anyone going to Zante next year might be unfortunate enough to hear me sing. If anyone does go look me up I am not hard to spot trust me!!!! 😂

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