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OK what have I got to do to get you showing some of your best landings or whatever Wall Bashing

Just to show you how easy it is with Fraps(for those of you who can run it)Here is a 22sec film of 1 landing at 5 different angles
Using MS MovieMaker(bundled with XP) and just simple fades
You could make a simular film with the trail version of fraps(the only difference being you would see Fraps on the film)

Come on give it a go


Im waiting Umm... Yawn

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Just thought you guys might be interested - offer a file sharing service, like "you send it" but much more superior. Free of course.

Nice movie TTT - Flown with TAP once, Lisbon-Faro. 😉

Rick Lee Guest

[quote="tomthetank"]OK what have I got to do to get you showing some of your best landings or whatever Wall Bashing

TTT Sir, a straightforward question/plea deserves a straightforward answer/plea : TUTORIAL! Even a mini-tut would do just fine. The whole world, that is Sim community (same thing in my book) is crying out , yearning for a tut authored by the one who has given as exhilerating pleasure watching his homemade video clips. And while we're at it, I think Spielberg is on his way out. Now we are aware that time is precious and that the one who must be obeyed is never too far away. But being the resourceful innovator you are - surely you can think of an excuse to squeeze a little more time out of your busy schedule, such as:

I've got the flu

or: The boys down the local need me urgently to discuss membership issues for the next few days

or: I've been approached to be present at a meditation retreat to further world peace for the next fotnight

That should give you enough time to compose a tiny little tut for us all, no?

Hoping for a good outcome 😀


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tomthetank Chief Captain

No excuse needed(she who must be obayed is away,but picking her up later)Unfortunatly my butler turned Spielberg away ROFL

A tutorial for fraps Read

1st I know some of you are unable to get fraps to run smoothly,you need ram(the more the better) a fairly powerful CPU and a fairly good gfx card...Ive got 1.5Gig pc3200 ram and an XP2800 and fx5900ultra ....nothing special these days

The usual install,select a location,tick desktop shortcut and press enter

On opening Fraps (the full version) you are presented with a small pop up box with 4 tabs General,FPS,Movies and Screenshots

This is how its setup on my PC

General = The registration page,version # and build # and 3 tick boxes
1 start Fraps minimized
2 Fraps window always on top (Ive ticked this)
3 Run Fraps when windows srarts
And a Help button

This part is realy for benchmarking,so we will press on


Here you get to choose where to save the video( I made a folder in My documents called fs vids) and a button to view that folder directly
The hotkey to start/stop recording(F11 for me as I dont use it in fs9)

A tickbox for record sound(yes)

Detect best sound input (yes)
Use windows input (no)
Half size(no)
Full size (yes)
FPS 25(you have a choise here from 20 through to 60 the higher the fps the bigger the video file)
No sync(no)


Again you can pick your own folder and view direct
Hotkey choise(F10)

2 tick boxes
Include frame rate(no)
Repeat screen capture every ?? second

Thats how mine is set up

The easy way to start is fire up Fraps and start Fs9
Do a take off and watch the replay via the fs9 replay feature(tick repeat)
Zoom in and out to get the best view(I sometimes move the Tower view in the map section)
If you like what youve seen,replay it again and hit the hotkey to record in Fraps(upto 30 seconds in the trail version)and hit the hotkey again to stop recording
Contine flying untill you want to record again,then hit the hotkey again

A far better version here ➡

In the video below,no clip is longer than about 10 secs and editing is very easy in Windows Movie Maker

Locate your video files via the import into button and select them one by one(or by batch)
Then drag them into the Storyboard until you have them in the right order.Now got to Timeline mode and shorten them if need be by dragging from the front of each clip or from the end(you can see in the preview window where you are)if you want fade between the clips,you can use the Video Transitions feature(they can be a bit too long so I drag one clip ontop of each other....just a bit) then preview your masterpiece( the quality looks crap,but dont worry the finished item should be ok

If your happy,click File,Save Movie File...
You now get to pick how to the top option save for playback on my computer

Tip defrag before you start editing(it will be quicker) and afer you have finished(nothing messes up a H/D like video editing)

Select a storage site and upload it,then post the link here for us to enjoy

Ive added one scene(which I forgot Doh! ) and was the main reason I decided to make a short video,watching the suspension working(well I am a mechanical engineer by trade 🙄 )plus I took out 1 fade between shots so you can see what a difference it makes ➡

Now you realy dont have an excuse

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Zach (ranald) Captain

Thanks TTT I am going to make a vid now 👍 I think my FPS with fraps should be a bit better becouse my system is quit good but I only get about 8 FPS 😕

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Oops! I forgot to mention that during normal flight I can get unlimited fps(ive set it to 30 though)
When I hit the hotkey to record,the fps drops by about 2 to 3 fps and if I set my fps any higher than 30 then the fps drop is bigger and a lot more noticable

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Zach (ranald) Captain

It siad something about no video host avialable in your area when I tried to send the vid to the web.What do I do?

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tomthetank Chief Captain

😳 Dont Know
It should not matter what you send 😕 As it just uploads whatever you point it at

Which one did you try?

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Zach (ranald) Captain

What do you mean? I just chose send to the web and then I chose DSL cable modem then it just started to save it.

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ranald wrote:

What do you mean? I just chose send to the web and then I chose DSL cable modem then it just started to save it.

😕 😕
Send it where?

If you use one of the above links(i use yousendit)Just enter your email address then brouse to where your video is and click send.No signing up ,no nothing.Stay on the page untill it changes and gives you an address,which you copy here at flyaway.then we click on the link and d/load the file

You also get an email telling you the address where your file is

Your video is then stored at Yousendit for one week for us to view(if its realy good Flyaway may d/load it and put it in our d/load section Liar )

Rick Lee Guest

Thank you Tom,

absolutely incredible! You were asked to be so kind and write a mini-tut and you deliver a labour of love - a masterpiece no less. Congratulations!!!
You deserve all the knees behind your ears you can get on your next UK charter flight... where they your butler's knees by the way?

Thanks again Tom 🍻


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tomthetank Chief Captain

😳 Of course they were my butlers kness 🙄

Oh by the way,my butlers name is Jane Twisted Evil

Rick Lee Guest

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!

Just wait till you know Who finds out about it 😉

Did you here the story in the news about a lover hiding in his lover(ess?) wardrobe for at least a month only to be discovered by the husband because he couldn't contain his snoring? Apparently it happened somewhere in the US of A. It was all over the news in my parts of the world.

Fear The newsreaders wouldn't lie to us - would they?



What is this sites emial adress I would like to send some vids in.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Anonymous wrote:

What is this sites emial adress I would like to send some vids in.

I can't remember Flyaway making it official but send them to his attention.


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