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Hello everyone,

Re: ArrCabv2.4 by Richard Hogen

In this program, on one of the text files, the author refers to an
archive which contains a FAQ on adding / moving carriers within the
program and an Excel spreadsheet with the various parameters for this
same subject.

1. Does anyone have, or know where I can get, a copy of this FAQ?

When attempting to go to Richard Hogen's website, I got a message
that his site was no longer available and was referred to another
site for information. (The message suggested to look for links to
Flight Deck 3, which is not the info I need)

2. If I am unable to locate this file, then would anyone know how to
change the location of the carriers in ArrCab?

In the same text file that I mentioned above there are directions for
moving a carrier. However, when I open the file to edit the
location, using Notepad, I get a bunch of gibberish.

3. Failing #'s 1 & 2, does anyone know of any other aircraft carrier
program, with arrestor cables, of which the location can be modified,
that is available?

I have checked all the popular flight sim download sites, but may
have overlooked something. I am almost at my wits end over this. I
fly with a virtual military organization and have just come across
the need of a carrier which is mobile.

Any information, suggestions or just pointing me in a direction to
look further would be greatly appriciated.

Yours in Flight,
Bill Cobb

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I believe that this is his e-mail address, contact him.

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