a question for radarman and people with Flight One taffic

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Is your system significantly slowed down after you installed flight one traffic?
I have this problem. After I compiled it all aircraft appeared at major airports like real world airports. But it comes a serious problem: the sim becomes extremely slow, display becomes choppy and jerky. I understand that with couple dozens of planes parking at the airport, and the AI must be working over loaded, it makes sense that the sim would be slowed down, but the point is, why the flight one website didn't mention that? if I knew it could drag down my machine performance, I would think again if I should buy it. I would like to know how other people who bought and installed Flight One Ultimate Traffic deal with this setback?
My system is 3.0 GHz P4, 1.5 GB Kingston SDDR 400 MHz RAM. ATI 9800 Pro........

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I let it run maxed out (100%) because I like the eye candy and my machine isn't as powerful as yours.

If you want better FPS then go into settings and move the traffic slide to the left until you are happy with the performance.

Full out traffic and clouds are the biggest problems with slow FPS.

Let us know how you do.


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