ATC sound problems ! Need help !!!!

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Hi all!

First i had a problem with active camera.
Then i found out it´s because of the FS9.1 update and the no cd crack.
So i uninstalled the 9.1 update reinstalled the original fs9.exe and reinstalled the FS9.1 update and everthing was fine with active camera.
I think there´re a few more guys who had this problem.

But now all of the sudden my ATC sound is just gone!!
When i open the atc window and contact ground,tower,etc.....
the green and yellow written sentences just fly over the atc screen in a
just unbelievable speed and
there`s no sound at all.I mean except the atc sound every other sound is working fine.

Does anyone know that problem or has anyone ever heard of it??

Please help me !!!


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Take a look at this and see if it helps.
If not we'll try again.;en-us;812394


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Having a problem that's quite allike...

all of a sudden my ATC and jet-engines stoped working... pretty damn annoying. especially when you spend like 3 hours looking for proper sound-drivers to solve the problem... but all in vain. didn't find anything yet, and although that is a pretty clear website it doesn't help a thing 😞

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