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Help with Lear T 45 Plz

Decon Guest

I recieved FS 2004 for Christmas. The SIM is working Great!

However, last night it dawned on me that the Lear Jet is missing from my drop down menu on Create Flight? The folder is there under aircraft as it should be.
Any help would be appreciated.


Pro Member First Officer
rob (Habu) First Officer

Hi Decon, I guess I would first just reinstall over the top to same location. This should fix it without you losing your settings or saved flights. Good Luck, rob

Netzrafi Guest

Try under Bombadier item 4 or 5 in the main list. In my set is the only one


Yep!! Thanks guys! It was under Bombadier! I didn't know that. Duh!!


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