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As many of you know I am trying to revive my flight simulator from a recent virus and I was at Project AI AFCAD and I came across the "AFCAD Package" is that for all airports or what is that? Question

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I've just read your comments' in regards to AFCAD. I've been useing, Lee Swordly's program. For a short time now, and have been successfull in designing my own addon scenery. The program' has not only allowed me to upgrade stock Airports' but creat new ones. I hope that you have the same succes as I. I'm useing AFCAD 2.2.1 version, and there will be an update to follow' so I'm assured.

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Thanks. Everybody talks about making your own. How complicated it it?

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Very Happy I have been a user since it was released
It can look complicated at 1st but stick with it and just dont save untill you are sure of what you have done

How many times have you added a scenery file only to see the AI aircraft taxi into a building,Afcad will let you fix it

Or I was taxing at Luton the other day and Bang my wing caught a building even though I was on the taxiway centre line.To sort it out lose fs9 open Afcad select Luton and drag the whole taxiway over just a little bit.Save and close,go flying again to check out your little mod.If its still not right,just move it a bit more Very Happy

Anything from adding taxiways and parking,all the way to even making your own airport with full ILS

Add ILS to any runway

Plus most of the bigger airports have had Afcads made for them which use real parking spots

Just search Avsim or flightsim and type Afcad and you will see

Give it a go Hack
Pick a dirt strip somewhere
and try turning into a full tarmac runway with parking for a 747

The only thing you cant do is add buildings

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