Down Loading the files and getting them into the FS2004 Sim

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Help !

Can anyone help me with instructions on how to move a downloaded file into the FS2004 FLT. SiM.

I can download the file of a plane into a new file folder but do not know how to get the file folder into the FS2004 SIM.

I opened the FS2004 Files and moved the file folder in with the other files but still nothing shows up in FS2004.

Any help would be greatly appreciated = Computer dummy here ! trying to learn. Is there a place I can get directions ?

Bill York

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Hey, look at this post. It is a link to one of TTT's post. You can find it in the aircraft forum, it is the second post ( a sticky). This post should explain everything in depth.

I hope that helps!

PS: you can always find posts by clicking search in the little fly away tool bar that comes with your account and type in key words to find a post that you are interested in.

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THANKS Oh So much !!!!!!!!!!


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