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For those who struggle with [b]Fraps[/b]

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Just had an update for a new screen recorder ➡

I have not tried this,but it looks to have the same sort of features as Fraps

Rick Lee Guest

Thanks Tom for the link!

This possible alternative came at the right time. Whether it's me or my sytem struggling with Fraps I haven't been able to determine yet.

😀 Rick

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tomthetank Chief Captain

I hope it works for you (and anyone else)

Please keep us informed of how you get on with it 😉

BashDaBish Guest

Oh dear me! I have just tried this program and it is a nightmare. The quality of the capture is poor. Tried several different compression types and quality etc but all were dreadful. And to make it disabled all contol of the A/C when returning from Instant Replay and I plummeted to earth from 4000ft.

Of course this is just my experiance and maybe a bit of the noob coming out in me, but I certainly found it an unpleasent experiance.

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Elkinallen First Officer

Thanks for that info!!!!! I was following this thread for info! 😀 😀 😀

Rick Lee Guest

Umm... Yes thanks everyone for the info. At this stage I'm not game to instal the app.. My PC is creaking at the joints as it is. Better wait for more feedback 😳


Satin Guest

I'm using AutoScreenRecorder 1.0 Pro. The quality is execellent, so I bought the program. I love it and Happy! 🙂

I heard the Free version quality factor ia 80 and Framerate is 12. Actually, the video quality also depends on your machine power. If your machine speed is not hight, of course the quality of video file will suffer.

The Pro version can capture mouse pointer and sound (from microphone and speaker). They got some Flash demos.


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