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fs2004 and matrox parhelia 128mb card

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jimimac Trainee

anyone using the matrox parhelia 128 card with fs2004 with three monitors i would like some advice on whether its any good


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mrkonk First Officer

Not familiar with that card.I do know that the minum card you can have is 128 mb card.With 3 moniters it might mess up the graphics.I do not know though.

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

Actually, if you check your CD box that FS9 came in, it says that you only need a 8MB card to run it. Unless you mean you need a 128 mb card to run the 3 monitors.

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mrkonk First Officer

True, sorry I thought you were talking about the ram Embarassed


Hi I tzpe this from a PC with a parhelia in it ( i used to run FS2002 on this box) but since it is only a 1800 Mhy / its nots my game PC anymore (doing the FS2004 on my AMD 3200 and 6800GT) - it used to be ok - the feeling is quite different as you have the motion on the edges of your field of view
But its not up to SPECS anymore - I might try it in another faster PC - but usually the GC is the bottleneck. Cheers


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