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Should I put his picture on it?

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Sam (SamIntel) Captain

I think that his picture should be on it, but it needs to have something els, it looks kind of wierd just having the picture cut off at the bottom. I am referring to the one that is posted on your web site. Also it looks like you added red to the bottom of the plane, looks better that way I think. Good job. 😀
Where you going to up load that Trump plane to your wed site?

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Chris102 Chief Captain

I will upload it soon. The website's provider isn't working too well.

Rick Lee Guest

Hi Chris,

for what it's worth, experiment with different locations to place your A/C.

I'm not too sure about Rome [for political correctness], but Athens Intl. gives you nice reflections - play around with AM and different seasons. Or head to some of the greek islands, some lovely light textures all over the Mediterranean, southern coast of Turkey or somewhere near the Rock/Gibraltar even. Just an idea.

Man, it took you singlehandedly less time to paint an aircraft than it took hundred Cardinals to vote for the new Pope. Congrats on your own site and the new forum.

Looking forward to the painting classes, Rick

Guest FEM Guest

Yeah, you are gonna want his picture on there. Maybe if you find a quote by him, stick that on there too i'd say. These repaints are amazing. When I feel better, I'm gonan grab me photoshop and try it out

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