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In flight Simulator 2006 i would like the game look real!! like people in the airplane,people in the airport,we can drive cars ( we can get out of the airplane and walk around) , have a family, have our own house, drive cars, have real roads and pilot if there away from there home they can go to a hotel. that is what i would like to see in Flight simulator 2006

Thank you!!

PS. i can't wait for this game to come out!!!!!!!!!


that would be neat but it is doubtful that microsoft will do that.

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RadarMan wrote:

Post as many ideas as you wish but please keep them short and descriptive, that way when we're finished it can easily be put into one e-mail or Word Doc. and sent to them (MS).

Ha Ha!

I dont think you were expecting this many replies eh RM!

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Not at all, I expected close to 100 not what we're getting now. The biggest problem, posts like this that aren't in the correct thread won't be included, no one will hunt for them.


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