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Dear fellow Simmers

does anyone know of a simple utility that will ensure that whenever I choose a departure airport in FS9 the precise real local time in hours/mins/date/month/year etc is loaded with the flight thereby eliminating the need for all that tiresome adjustment to the default time/season settings.



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heres how to set that up.

1) move the flight sim to an airport local to where your computer physically is. Save this as your default flight.

2) go to settings and set the flight time to be same as system time at startup.

now whenever you start the sim the "create flight" tab will always show the time as correct and when you pick a different airport the time will adjust acordingly.

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Dear Spuddi,thank you for your kind and helpful reply.Thanks to you my create flight page in now set on local time/date/month.

kindest regards

kevin 🙂

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